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On my way to Piedmont. A grueling nine-hour flight from New York to Moscow to change planes to Milan. Then a bus to the train which took me to my destination, a small town called Pettenasco on Lake Orta. The resort is a long uphill climb from the town. Everything involves climbing. Climb a big hill to work, climb a big hill to get back from the local village. At the resort we are fed all vegetarian meals and all delicious of course since it is Italy. Working on my planning my wine trips but having a hard time since I’m finding out that many of the wine towns don’t have direct rail connections and the Italian bus schedules are a mess. Did have my first glass of wine a couple of days ago at the local bicycle club which has a typical Italian bar. The local house wine is a Barbera and at 1 Euro a pop, I can’t complain about the price. Will make it to Gattinara tomorrow.