Wine and Swine

This week was Natural Winemakers Week in New York. Various wine makers spent the week at events around town. On Saturday night they had an end of week bash. The bash was held at Pasanella & Sons wine shop located at 115 South Street in the South Street Seaport area. They promised roast pork, wine, and fun. Roast pork and wine, what’s not to like?

The party was held in the brick-lined back room, very cosy. They had a tray of roast pork as promised as well as several excellent cheeses. The pork was great and the crispy skin was delicious.

They poured two wines that night, as the gentleman running the show reminded me, it was a party and not a wine tasting. The first wine was a white from Alsace, a 2008 Muscat from the producer Binner. I was told that the wine went through an unexpected second fermentation in the bottle so the wine had a slight fizz to it. Interesting wine with a very floral and spicy nose with a cinamon, earthy finish. The second wine was poured from a magnum and was a Gamay from the Loire. “La Mule” from Gregory Leclerc. Very nice sipping wine, good balance, dark fruits with some earthiness on the finish. The wine was served chilled but the distributer who was there recommended that the wine should be drunk at room temperature. I tried it both ways and I though a slight chill on the wine didn’t take anything away from it. I thought both wines went well with the crispy pork.






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