Gambero Rosso Tre Bicchieri 2013

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On Friday Gambero Rosso which publishes the authoritative guide to Italian wines held their 2013 annual tasting of the Tre Bicchieri awarded Italian wines. The event was held at the Metropolitan Pavillion event space, I’ve been to many a tasting as this space. It was a huge event with table upon table of Tre Bicchieri awarded wines being poured. There was some nice juice to be had this afternoon even thought the catering company van must have lost their way since the cheese and bread was laid out a couple of hours after the event began.

When I walked in I made a bee-line to the Tuscan section of the room and started the days festivities tasting the iconic Super Tuscans.

The 2009 Tenuta Dell’Ornellaia was black in color with dusty black cherry nose, very concentrated with hints of earth on the finish with some silky tannins. Very nice. From the same producer the 2009 “Masseto” (100% Merlot) was another concentrated red that was black in color with a nose of dark strawberries with sweet chewy fruit and silky tannins at the end.

The 2009 Tenuta San Guido “Sassicaia” had plenty of character, very dark with a nose of dusty plums and dried herbs with sweet cherry fruit and notes of barnyard on the finish. Very manageable tannins. The same wine maker and company produce a couple of Carrignane based reds from Sardegna that were very tasty. The 2009 “Barrua” was dark purple to black, very concentrated with silky fruit and a balanced long finish. The 2010 “Montessu” was dark purple with bright black cherry and strawberry fruits on the nose with silky fruit and bright acidity on the finish. Another Sardinian wine I liked was Tenute Sella & Mosca 2008 “Alghero Tanca Farra”. Dark red with a beautiful perfume of barnyard and roses with chunky and earthy fruit and silky tannin on the finish.

The next stop was Marchesi Antinori 2009 “Tignanello”. Dark red with a nose of red roses and tar, tighter than the Sassicaia and the Ornellaia, it had silky with a floral notes on the balanced finish.

Some more wines from Tuscany I enjoyed included the 2009 Famiglia Cecchi “Coevo”. About half Sangiovese with the rest a Bordeaux blend, it was really black in the glass with a nose of black cherry and roasted nuts, a big wine with mouth coating tannin on the finish.

From Brancaia the 2008 “Il Blu” had an equal amount of Sangiovese and Merlot, it was very dark with a toasty nose with velvety concentrated fruit and silky tannins on the finish.

From Casanova Di Neri the 2006 Brunello di Montalcino was dark red with a slighty closed nose of red roses with big chewy fruit and a balanced finish. Very brawny style for a Brunello.

From Fontodi the 2009 Chianti Classico “Vigna del Sorbo Riserva” was a nice glass, dark and concentrated with velvety fruit and great balance.

Something from Piedmont I enjoyed was Franco M. Martinetti’s 2010 “Rosso Sul Bric”.  An equal blend of Barbera and Cabernet Sauvignon it was dark red in the glass with a nose of red roses with silky floral fruit on the balanced finish.

Very nice tasting, lots of good Italian juice, seemed like anything from Tuscany from the 2009 vintage was outstanding, something to keep an on.

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