Livio Felluga Terre Alte Vertical

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI like going to night wine tastings. The vibe is more casual that the day tastings and they end up being a lot of fun. Thursday night I attended one of those tastings. The Friulian wines of Livio Felluga who is celebrating the 30th vintage of their signature wine, Terre Alte. They’re doing the celebrating with a vertical tasting of the wines. Terre Alte is a white wine from Friuli that is a blend of the varietals, Friulano, Pinot Bianco and Sauvignon. The Pinot Bianco and Sauvignon mature in stainless steel while the Friulano stays in small oak casks.

The event was held at Tom Colicchio’s Riverpark restaurant at 450 E 29 Street with the congenial winemaker, Andrea Felluga in attendance to talk about his wines. The wines in the vertical were all poured from magnums.


2011 Rozzato. The starter wine, a blend of five white varietles with a pretty nose, very floral with dried mushroom, balanced with good acidity.

2011 Terre Alte. First wine of the vertical, ripe white flowers, lychee and cinnamon on the nose with moderate fruit, some lime notes, crisp and balance with touch of heat at the end.

2009 Terre Alte.  Moderate yellow with burnt rubber notes on the nose with tight, light fruit, crisp, a little one-dimensional but drinkable. My least favorite in the vertical.

2007 Terre Alte. Dark gold in color with a very pretty nose of aromatic white peaches with mouth filling fruit, balanced with nice mouth-watering acidity on the moderate to long finish.

2006 Terre Alte. Medium gold with white flowers and canned peaches on the nose with OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAhoneyed fruit, well-balanced with nice acidity on the long, honey finish. Lots of layers of flavors going on. My favorite of the flight.

2001 Terre Alte. Medium yellow with a complex nose of spice and earth, moderate body with some lime and earth on the crisp finish, tight on the back end. Tasty.

1998 Terre Alte. Golden in color with dusty, barnyard on the nose with moderate, complex fruit, tight, tart, mouth puckering at the finish with some of the alcohol peeking through at the end. Still an interesting wine at this stage.

Very enjoyable vertical of nice juice.


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