Summer Of Riesling

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This past Saturday afternoon on June 25th I attended the Summer of Riesling kickoff wine tasting event whose motto is “all German all Summer”. The event was run by the owner of Terroir Wine Bar, Paul Greico who is a booster for Rieslings in general and German Riesling in particular.

The event was held at Hudson Mercantile on 500 West 36th Street on the far west side of Manhattan. It’s another old warehouse building converted to an event space and we took a freight elevator to the fifth floor for the Riesling party. There was a rooftop outdoor space on the sixth floor that had great views of the Hudson river to the West and the Empire State Building to the East.

The wines were divided by categories such as sparkling, rosé, dry, off-dry and late harvest which were so popular with the attendees that I wasn’t able to get to all of them. There were several restaurants serving excellent bite sized portions of food to pair with the wines, it was a fun afternoon.



NV Kruger-Rumpf Estate Trocken

2014 Von Buhl Rosé

The Pinot Trio

2014 Valckenberg Pinot Blanc

2014 Louis Guntrum Pinot Gris

2014 Becker Family Pinot Gris

Dry Riesling

2013 S.A. Prüm “Luminance”

2014 Dr. Loosen “Red Slate”

2014 Eva Fricke “Kiedrich”

2014 Schäfer Fröhlich Estate Reserve

2014 Dönnhoff “Felsenturmchen”

2013 Weingut Dreissigacker “Morstein”

2011 Pfeffingen “Ungsteiner Herrenberg”

2014 Liebfrauenstift

Off-Dry Riesling

2014 Schloss Johannisberg “Gelblack”

2014 Hexamer “Porphyr”

Some tasty eats

Lukes: Lobster Roll

Oaxaca Taqueria: Pork Tacitos

Mr Bing Beijing Street Food: Duck Crepes

Stinky Brooklyn: Assorted Cheeses



Night Riesling


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I went to another one of those night tastings Monday night. It was the Riesling & Co. road trip. I have to admit when it comes to Riesling, or at least the German kind, my knowledge is a bit foggy. I know the difference between the ripeness categories of  a Kabinett and a Trockenbeerenauslese but the wine labels are impossible to decipher.

The event took place at Salvation Taco Rooftop at 145 East 39th Street. After negotiating with the tough gate-keeper, I was let in to the terra-cotta terrace overlooking the neighborhood.

The event was set up so we can sample Riesling from the driest versions to the ripest. Large tubs of ice were stocked with a hand-full of producers in each tub and progressing from one side of the room to the other would take you through the various versions of German Riesling, ending up with a couple of tubs with wines from the ’90s and ’80s. I started with the driest and since I wasn’t familiar with labels, just grabbed a bottle and took it from there. Of course Tacos were served and at midnight the roast pig made a grand entrance.

2012 Ostricher Doosberg (Rheingau). Oily and peachy on the nose with tight fruit, petroleum and some burnt rubber notes on the finish.

2012 Groebe Kirchspiel (Westhofen). Closed nose of apricots, tight with lime notes on the finish.

2012 Von Schubert Maximin Grunhauser (Mosel). Floral and crisp.

2010 Peter Jakob Krühn (Rheingau). Deep gold in color and very floral.

2012 Weingart Kabinett (Mittelrhein). Dusty, peachy nose, moderate sweet with apricot on the fruit.

2011 A. Christmann (Pfaltz). Gold in color, oily petroleum on the nose with apricots and spice on the moderate fruit with a long finish.

1999 Schloss Johannisberger Kabinett (Rheingau). Gold in color with honey and spices on the nose with some RS.

1994 Husarenkappe Troken Spatlese (Baden). Dark gold with petroleum notes on the nose, moderate dry.

1990 Domdechant Werner Hochmeier Auslese (Rheingau). Gold in color with saffron and honey on the nose , moderately sweet with good acidity.